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There are no limits to your creativity and ideas, but there some limits in your job. You need to design a floor your clients will love, stay within their budget, and work with the contractor’s job conditions. To meet your goals, you need the best information and expertise on wood products, installation methods, and stains and finishes.



A construction job can be hectic. You oversee many moving pieces, ensuring that everything is done well, safely, on schedule, and within budget. When you turn over a job to a subcontractor, you want to be reassured that they will meet your high standards of quality.



You have made the decision to install or refinish hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a classic choice that can add beautiful and enduring value to your home. You want to choose the best products and installation crew for your home but you might be feeling a little daunted by all the options and products available.



With over 10 years in the industry, we have the skills and knowledge to give you exactly what you need. We are expert at our work, but we are not complacent. We are constantly growing new trends, methods, products, and equipment, and we pass on that knowledge to our clients. Our goal is to educate our customers so they can make informed choices.



Tribeca Flooring is a revolutionary non-union wood flooring company that has been at the forefront of hardwood flooring in the Metro New York area. Over the years, we’ve noticed how daunting and confusing it can be for our clients to sift through all the information available about every detail of flooring and installation in order to choose what works best for them.


Our Skills

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your flooring project, listen to your expectations, and provide creative solutions for achieving your goals

We will successfully complete the job in the allocated time frame with quality work and a finished product you will be excited about.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee assures you’ll receive top quality workmanship, care and service that we are confident will exceed your expectations. We will successfully complete the job in the allocated time frame with quality work and a finished product you will be excited about. We follow and document all NOFMA and manufacturers’ instructions to ensure the job is done right and will remain under warranty.



Our services

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We Make Beautiful Floors